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Medical Clinic

Family Practice & Walk-in clinic

Cornerstone Medical Clinic prides itself on having a Family Practice that provides its visitors with a detailed and patient level of medical service. We understand the adverse stigma of Doctors in today’s day and age which do not give their patients the adequate level of time and care that they deserve to do a good job.  Cornerstone, on the other hand, happily, works day-in and day-out to exemplify that we are just the opposite.

What can you expect when you visit Cornerstone’s Family Practice?  The full attention of the Medical Practitioner that is looking after your needs.  We do not only look to assess and diagnose a medical ailment, but we also work to help you understand what you need to do to prevent sickness and live a healthy lifestyle.



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Urgent Care

When the patient needs immediate treatment, but it is of a non-life-threatening degree that would otherwise require an ER, Cornerstone Medical Clinic is that safe, treatment-based haven. The services provided by our staff include any that cannot be waited on through a family physician.

  • Stitching

The Cornerstone Medical Clinic personnel are trained to reduce the effects of scarring. It is important to note that so long as bleeding stops and the patient is hygienic in cleaning out any visible (and as much lesser-clear portions of) dirt, stitching can take place several hours post-incident.

  • Casting

In the case of injuries to the bone, whether fractured or broken, which are able to heal on their own, Cornerstone Medical Clinic’s team of professionals will perform the proper casting to help initiate the patient’s road to recovery. Our team gives acute detail to attention and will comfort those in distress as effectively as possible.

Medical Clinic

Allergy Testing

Whether it’s ingested, inhaled, has made contact with your skin or is either an intrinsic or extrinsic antigen causing your immune system to create antibodies to attack it, the Cornerstone Medical Clinic (CMC) team will solve the puzzle through allergy testing, which can be skin-based or require blood work.


Type 1-hypersensitivity results in an allergic reaction to an allergen that made contact with you or was inhaled, ingested or injected. The CMC staff would perform a standard skin or blood test (often for children) to figure out what exactly causes the allergic reaction, requiring apt maneuvering & a knack for keeping patients at ease.

Type 2

Type 2-hypersensitivity entails the need for blood work – IgG serum testing – as the CMC staff are searching for antibodies that bind with the antigens on the patient’s own cell surfaces. A greater concentration of Immunoglobulin G when responding to certain allergens, food or pollen, may indicate a specific allergic response.


healthcare, reinvented

Cardio & ECG Testing

Electrocardiogram (ECG) testing records the heart’s electrical activity. ECG testing paired with cardio or exercise-stress manipulation can unmask any potential defects that appear non-existent when the heart is at rest for people suffering from coronary artery diseases (CAD). The CMC staff is highly trained in this regard & sensitive to potential danger.


Taking less than 10 minutes, small metal electrodes are placed throughout your body and detect the electrical signals initiated by the heartbeat. The pattern, frequency or discrepancies will be recorded and compared to a healthy heart with its standard electrical activity graph. CMC staff is proficient and careful in executing this practice.

  • Cardio Test

While the ECG testing is painless for those who have no cardiopulmonary issues, the same cannot be said for those who do. In fact, the ECG results may not always reveal the deficiencies of the patient’s heart. For this reason, CMC physicians will rule out any misleading findings by having the patient undergo a cardio test of some sort, which in many cases includes a treadmill.

Medical Clinic

Lab Testing

When conducting lab tests, the Cornerstone Medical Clinic (CMC) consists of true professionals with their approach who execute the correct way and for an appropriate period. This patient-centric approach relieves potential anxieties associated with long waits and provides clear, substantial data in the form of urinary or blood analysis.

  • Lab on Site

After the CMC healthcare provider takes your blood or urine sample, they take it to the reference lab that is onsite and allow it to go through the necessary incubation period after various treatment protocols. The systematic and thoughtful approach yields the answers when you have the important questions.

  • Type 2 Diabetes Testing

People can be diagnosed with having type 2 diabetes after having their blood glucose level measured following an 8-10 hour fasting period where no food or drink (except water) is ingested. Measured in mmol/L, a value over 7 dictates that the individual is diabetic. Should the patient exhibit no common characteristics associated with type 2 diabetes, one more test could be taken to eliminate potential faulty readings.


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