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Dr. Stevanovski: 9AM-6PM

Dr. Anand: 9AM-2PM

Dr. Howaida: 2PM-6PM

Dr. Patel: 3PM-6PM

Dr. Howaida: 9AM-3PM
Dr. Ajay: 9AM-3PM

Dr. Stevanovski:3PM-9PM
Dr. Anand:3PM-9PM

Dr.Nesseem: 9AM-3PM

Dr. Ajay: 10AM-4PM

Dr. Ekladious: 3PM-9PM

Dr. Patel: 9AM-3PM

Dr. Jalayer: 9AM-3PM

Dr. Stevanovski: 3PM-9PM

Dr. Anand: 3PM-9PM

Dr. Nesseem: 9AM-3PM

Dr. Ekladious: 3PM-9PM

Dr. Jalayer: 9AM-3PM

Dr. Anand: 10AM-4PM

Dr. Stevanovski: 3PM-9PM

Dr. Patel: 4PM-9PM

Dr. Howaida: 9AM-2PM

Dr. Ajay: 2PM-6PM

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Doctor Specialties & Urgent Care

Cornerstone Medical Clinic’s (a clinic near you) comprehensive list of services executed by our general and specific medical personnel gives patients the opportunity in having an in-depth understanding of their health status within the best medical attention. This list includes the following: urgent care, lab testing, allergy testing and both cardio & ECG testing.

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